Run The World

There are all kinds of new ways to do parkour for you to explore — there are ways to win at speed, there are ways to win at difficulty with higher scores, and there are more ways to find out.

Enjoy your freedom — forget about limits, it’s all about action!
Run the World 3D: Choose freedom, choose movement, choose stimulation
Use body language to express yourself
Perform amazing stunts, compete with rivals, take part in street parkour battles, train and develop your abilities
Show your abilities in different game modes:
-The race against time-
Run and reach all checkpoints until time runs out.
-Difficult moves –
Make difficult movements and get high scores to win
-Skill mode –
Run and perform various combinations.
-Free running –
Select and customize your character to be the first TRACeur. Train in a variety of places suitable for parkour stunts.

Run at the rooftops, jump and vault over obstacles, learn dozens of new tricks´╝îcompete to win the daily race and be the best free runner ever!
Download Run the World NOW and get:
Huge amount of tricky challenges in famous cities like New York, Paris, Tokyo and more!
Fun & challenging, thrill & amazing parkour experience!